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About Bite Size Happy

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Conversations :

Discover a breakthrough idea
Answer your burning question
Seek an enlightened perspective
Solve your problem
Create something wonderful
Schedule time to kick butt
Book an empathetic listener
+ more

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Go from harried to happy in 15 minutes!

You can't talk to your Mom or your best friend.

You've got to talk to someone who will give it to you straight and quick.

Move out of a funky mood, get over a hit to your confidence, get a reality check on an idea or just have someone listen to you.

That would be me...

I'm Alicia and I created Bite Size Happy! Here's a bit more about me.

Bite Size Happy offers short conversations that produce happiness.

In less than 30 minutes go from harried to happy!

Bite Size Happy is your on call Happiness Boost!

Schedule right on your phone when you need it most (assuming time is open).

$4.00/a minute or less

Bite Size Time and Bite Size Cost