Bite Size Happy
Bite Size Happy

Who is Bite Size Happy


Alicia Rodriguez

Can I have 15 minutes of your time?

That's what I'm asked all the time. Why? Because I'm a fixer - the good kind. I'm a laser focused listener, world explorer, to-your-gut writer and dog lover. (That's Finn McCool with me by the Chesapeake Bay.)


It all started when...

For years I've been listening to people's stories. I love stories. But not all stories are happy all the time.

Everyone needs a bit of help on occasion, a bit of deep listening and a quick boost to move from harried to happy.

That's where I come in.

I'm a master listener, synthesizing everything you tell me, distilling it and in a very short time getting right to the core of what's in your way so you can get your happy on again.

That's my gift, my talent, my thing that no one else can do.

Getting to the core issue in fifteen minutes.

I've been doing a variation of this for about twenty years. I'm the person next to you in the grocery line or sitting in the seat next to you on the plane. I say hello and we talk and suddenly you realize you've never told anyone what you just told me.

It feels pretty good to get it off your chest because I'm not judging you. I'm just listening in a way you've never been listened to.

It's all good. You go on your way, lighter, happier and feeling pretty damn good about yourself.

That's why I created Bite Size Happy. In a bite-size few minutes, you're on your way, feeling great and with a very practical solution or great feedback or a new perspective.

New possibilities for $4/minute. 

Come on.

Don't let the blues get you down.

Get your happy on now.